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Definition: Enhancing Education Though Technology.

Improving Algebra and Geometry mathematics instruction is a critical priority across Arkansas. Beginning in 2007-2008 a successful interactive technology initiative began with EETT grant funding to begin the development of interactive high school mathematics lessons which address the Arkansas Mathematics Standards and Student Learning Expectations utilizing the Interwrite School Pad interactive technology. After two years of successful implementation, this initiative is prepared to be implemented as a 2009 statewide project. This EETT grant application will expand the development of interactive Algebra and Geometry SLE lessons to over 200. This will be accomplished through the involvement of experienced NEA math classroom teachers and NEA Education Cooperative personnel. Fourteen (14) Arkansas Education Cooperatives and the Little Rock School District have requested to be partners in this 2009 project. Beginning in June 2010, 352 8th-12th grade local school district mathematics (Algebra or Geometry) teachers will take part in two-day training sessions. Participants will receive training in the use of the interactive technologies (Interwrite Mobi and I-Pod), learn how to access over 200 SLE lessons from the NEA SLE server, and will agree to participate in the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the SLE lessons, professional development and student achievement. Follow-up technical assistance will be provided during the 2009-2010 school year by the training team members through distance learning after-school sessions at the ESCs and e-mail communications to training consultants. A research component lead by Dr. Mike Hall, EETT Project Director and ASU-Jonesboro Mathematics and Statistics professor, will track an experimental and treatment group of students in two school districts.

Arkansas Curriculum Standards and Student Learning Expectations for Mathematics and their implied need to improve mathematics proficiency levels of students at the 8th-12th grade level is a growing concern among statewide educators with the emphasis being placed on Algebra I and Algebra II by the Arkansas Department of Education. Emerging technology applications, such as the interactive Interwrite Mobi and I-Pod hand held applications offer the potential for Algebra and Geometry teachers to begin to engage the minds of students through the development of lessons which challenge the minds of students, many who struggle with traditional mathematics instruction or are not “classic learners.” By focusing on the development of specific interactive lessons which address each Algebra and Geometry Student Learning Expectation (SLE), this 2009 statewide EETT project may be successful in motivating the students who “just don’t get math” to become a proficient student of mathematics and allow classroom teachers an opportunity to address the challenge of preparing the students for a high tech future in college and in the 21st century work place.