Coordinate Geometry and Transformations

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CGT.5.G.1 | CGT.5.G.1 (En Español) Use coordinate geometry to find the distance between two points, the midpoint of a segment, and the slopes of parallel, perpendicular, horizontal, and vertical lines

CGT.5.G.2 | CGT.5.G.2 (En Español) Write the equation of a line parallel to a line through a given point not on the line.

CGT.5.G.3 | CGT.5.G.3 (En Español) Write the equation of a line perpendicular to a line through a given point.

CGT.5.G.4 | CGT.5.G.4 (En Español) Write the equation of the perpendicular bisector of a line segment.

CGT.5.G.5 Determine, given a set of points, the type of figure based on its properties (parallelogram, isosceles triangle, trapezoid).

CGT.5.G.6 | CGT.5.G.6 (En Español) Write, in standard form, the equation of a circle given a graph on a coordinate plane or the center and radius of a circle.

CGT.5.G.7 | CGT.5.G.7 (En Español) Draw and interpret the results of transformations and successive transformations on figures in the coordinate plane
• translations
• reflections
• rotations (90˚, 180˚, clockwise and counterclockwise about the origin)
• dilations (scale factor)