Language of Algebra

Select Student Learning Expectation (SLE)

LA.1.A1.1 | LA.1.A1.1 (En Español) Evaluate algebraic expressions, including radicals, by applying the order of operations.

LA.1.A1.2 | LA.1.A1.2 (En Español) Translate word phrases and sentences into expressions, equations, and inequalities, and vice versa.

LA.1.A1.3 | LA.1.A1.3 (En Español) Apply the laws of (integral) exponents and roots.

LA.1.A1.4 | LA.1.A1.4 (En Español) Solve problems involving scientific notation, including multiplication and division.

LA.1.A1.5 | LA.1.A1.5 (En Español) Perform polynomial operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication) with and without manipulatives.

LA.1.A1.6 | LA.1.A1.6 (En Español) Simplify algebraic fractions by factoring.

LA.1.A1.7 | LA.1.A1.7 (En Español) Recognize when an expression is undefined.

LA.1.A1.8 | LA.1.A1.8 (En Español) Simplify radical expressions.

LA.1.A1.9 | LA.1.A1.9 (En Español) Add, subtract, and multiply simple radical expressions.