Language of Geometry

Select Student Learning Expectation (SLE)

LG.1.G.1 | LG.1.G.1 (En Español) Define, compare and contrast inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning for making predictions based on real world situations
• venn diagrams
• matrix logic
• conditional statements (statement, inverse, converse, and contrapositive)
• figural patterns

LG.1.G.2 | LG.1.G.2 (En Español) Represent points, lines, and planes pictorially with proper identification, as well as basic concepts derived from these undefined terms, such as segments, rays, and angles.

LG.1.G.3 | LG.1.G.3 (En Español) Describe relationships derived from geometric figures or figural patterns.

LG.1.G.4 | LG.1.G.4 (En Español) Apply, with and without appropriate technology, definitions, theorems, properties, and postulates related to such topics as complementary, supplementary, vertical angles, linear pairs, and angles formed by perpendicular lines.

LG.1.G.5 | LG.1.G.5 (En Español) Explore, with and without appropriate technology, the relationship between angles formed by two lines cut by a transversal to justify when lines are parallel.

LG.1.G.6 | LG.1.G.6 (En Español) Give justification for conclusions reached by deductive reasoning.