Linear Functions

Select Student Learning Expectation (SLE)

LF.3.A1.1 | LF.3.A1.1 (En Español) Distinguish between functions and non-functions/relations by inspecting graphs, ordered pairs, mapping diagrams and/or tables of data.

LF.3.A1.2 | LF.3.A1.2 (En Español) Determine domain and range of a relation from an algebraic expression, graphs, set of ordered pairs, or table of data.

LF.3.A1.3 | LF.3.A1.3 (En Español) Know and/or use function notation, including evaluating functions for given values in their domain.

LF.3.A1.4 | LF.3.A1.4 (En Español) Identify independent variables and dependent variables in various representational modes: words, symbols, and/or graphs.

LF.3.A1.5 | LF.3.A1.5 (En Español) Interpret the rate of change/slope and intercepts within the context of everyday life (Ex. telephone charges based on base rate (y-intercept) plus rate per minute (slope)).

LF.3.A1.6 | LF.3.A1.6 (En Español) Calculate the slope given
• two points
• the graph of a line
• the equation of a line

LF.3.A1.7 | LF.3.A1.7 (En Español) Determine by using slope whether a pair of lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither.

LF.3.A1.8 | LF.3.A1.8 (En Español) Write an equation in slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard forms given
• two points
• a point and y-intercept
• x-intercept and y-intercept
• a point and slope
• a table of data
• the graph of a line

LF.3.A1.9 Describe the effects of parameter changes, slope and/or y-intercept, on graphs of linear functions and vice versa.