Select Student Learning Expectation (SLE)

M.3.G.1 | M.3.G.1 (En Español) Calculate probabilities arising in geometric contexts.

M.3.G.2 | M.3.G.2 (En Español) Apply, using appropriate units, appropriate formulas (area, perimeter, surface area, volume) to solve application problems involving polygons, prisms, pyramids, cones, cylinders, spheres as well as composite figures, expressing solutions in both exact and approximate forms.

M.3.G.3 | M.3.G.3 (En Español) Relate changes in the measurement of one attribute of an object to changes in other attributes.

M.3.G.4 Use (given similar geometric objects) proportional reasoning to solve practical problems (including scale drawings).

M.3.G.5 Identify and apply properties of and theorems about parallel and perpendicular lines to prove other theorems and perform basic Euclidean constructions.