Non-linear Functions

Select Student Learning Expectation (SLE)

NLF.4.A1.1 | NLF.4.A1.1 (En Español) Factoring polynomials
• greatest common factor
• binomials (difference of squares)
• trinomials

NLF.4.A1.2 | NLF.4.A1.2 (En Español) Determine minimum, maximum, vertex, and zeros, given the graph.

NLF.4.A1.3 | NLF.4.A1.3 (En Español) Solve quadratic equations using the appropriate methods with and without technology
• factoring
• quadratic formula with real number solutions

NLF.4.A1.4 | NLF.4.A1.4 (En Español) Recognize function families and their connections including vertical shift and reflection over the x-axis
• quadratics (with rational coefficients)
• absolute value
• exponential functions

NLF.4.A1.5 | NLF.4.A1.5 (En Español) Communicate real world problems graphically, algebraically, numerically and verbally.